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Started business partnership with Neotex Company

01 June, 2016

Company profile

Name of the company: Neotex
Company Representative: Representative director Mikio Kameyama
Head Office: Nihonbashi honcho 4-8-15 neokawai building 5F,chuoku,Tokyo,Japan 103-0023
Established: July 2000 Description: System consignment service, Operation/maintenance service, Temporary staffing service, consulting service.
Capital: 100 million yen
URL: http://www.neotex.co.jp

Released reports on the end of the [6th Educational IT Solution EXPO]

21 August, 2015

We participated in "Sixth educational IT solution EXPO" from May 20 (Wednesday) 20th May 22 (Fri) 2015. Domestic school official staff, IT staff, many overseas customers also visit to our boot. We got a valuable opinion from experiencing customers for "Japanese pronunciation correction software" for foreigners.

Thank you for everyone who visited our booth.

Established subsidiary company Glosia Inc.

20 August, 2015

GLOSIA Inc is a joint venture company developed with Pron Test Co., Ltd.. Mainly focused foreign staff to our company for develop Japanese pronunciation correction software for foreigners named"Tsujiru, Nihongo." From Japan to the world,. We are focused to develop global business mainly Asian countries. We will make use of our strengths with staff from various countries and aim to provide services that keep close attention to overseas needs from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to your continued patronage and continued support.

Company Profile

Company name- Glosia Inc
Location: No.101-0025 Shellplease Bldg II 5F,3-37-3 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: (+81) 3-3863-3408
Established: 2015
Capital: 1 million yen
Director Representative: Director Tomoaki Suzuki, Director Chinthaka Rodrigo
Company Nationality: Japan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar, Russia, China
Official website: http://glosia.co.jp/

Our company will exhibit to [The 6th Educational IT solution EXPO]

16 April, 2015

We are planning to join "6th Educational IT Solution EXPO" exhibition with Prom test. At the booth, you can experience "Japanese pronunciation correction software for foreigners" which is currently being developed join with the company as soon as possible.

The 6th educational IT solution EXPO: http://www.edix-expo.jp/

Pronto Co., Ltd.: http://www.prontest.co.jp

"Yugami checker"who was in charge of UI/UX design was introduced at World Business satellite

02 April, 2015

"Distortion checker" is a revolutionary software that can measure "distortion of the body" with only a small camera and a personal computer. Based on the measurement results, we have a function to identify the current condition, the parts that may be hurt, the body shape of the future, and suggest exercises to effectively improve.

In our company, Creative Director Ryoubashi is responsible for Product Logo Mark, UI / UX Design, Technical Director Yoshida, UI Construction, 3D Modeling, Audio Sampling etc.

World Business Satellite: Trend Egg "distortion checker" http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/mv/wbs/trend_tamago/post_87494/
Distortion checker: Product overview http://www.kogasoftware.com/topics/post-6344/
Koga Software Co., Ltd. http://www.kogasoftware.com/