Local Area Contribution Efforts


We are a company born in Ibaraki, raised in Asakusa. Since we are so, we feel the obligation to return and contribute in some manner to the local areas we are affiliated with. To give and received gratitude from the locals living in the area gives us a sense of pride for all the actions we have accomplished. We would like to always remember and return the favors, not just to Ibaraki and Asakusa, but all the areas we had and will have the honor of working alongside with.

Volunteer Cleaning Every first Wednesday of the month, before business operations, our office staff partake in street cleaning centered around our office.

Sanjya Matsuri Dedication Sanjya Matsuri is a ceremony held every May in Asakusa, where we are part of the operation committee of the Kaminarimon.

Tori no Ichi Annual visit to Ootori Shrine. Purchase of Kumade in hopes of further success of company. We seek to purchase a larger Kumade than the year prior.

Disaster Support (Kumamoto) Multiple earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 6 struck Kumamoto on April 2016. We made donations for disaster support.

Disaster Support (Fukushima) Infamous natural disaster occurring on March, 2011. The restoration efforts are still in progress, which we make donations to support.

Sumakon “Sumakon” mainly operates in the Ibaraki area. Our CEO acts as an officer, and holds study sessions as his contribution.

Ibaraki Women A free magazine dedicated to women originating from Ibaraki. We offer copies of the magazine at our offices to support their cause.