Global Operations

“Offshore Development,” “Foreign Human Resources,”are the 2 pillars for our endeavors of global expansion.
In present times it is a very common business practice to work alongside foreign businesses. However, understanding the language is not enough. In order to achieve true globalization, we realize the core problems lies in the understanding of communication skills, local cultures of upcoming countries, and their respective market demands. In order the resolve these issues and support the true philosophy behind globalization, we have expanded into our second incorporation.
By striking a balance between foreign and Japanese technology, we are able to keep costs low while achieving high quality products.

Offshore Developments

We cannot call ourselves a global business by just simply outsourcing all our work to foreign businesses. As a global project, we often cooperate alongside foreign businesses in order to resolve our tasks.
As an example,In past video production projects we were tasked, 2D technology was handled in Japan while 3D technology was sent overseas. This was in an effort to achieve higher quality results while keeping the costs lower.

Web Coding Associate
Following closely to an established design, programming and coding will be applied to make the website functional.

Application Development
The required programming will be executed for a functional application with smartphone and pc compatibility in mind.

3DCG Production
In the event of a video production project, 3DCG allows for a three dimensional presentation. Currently in Japan, production is still very costly.