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Under a philosophy. “Contributing to Society through Crafting Technique, Reflecting Beauty, providing Service from our hearts, all whilst pursuing the happiness of our associates,”our company has mastered the art of creation and service. We strive to leave a positive impact to our society by contributing to the economy. For that reason, the confidentiality of all personal information collect by our company is of utmost importance. We constantly update our security throughout the entirety of the company in order to achieve this.

Collection and Use of Personal Information We will only ask for personal information in a manner related and required for the field of work. Only in a legal manner with consent from the client, will the information be passed to a third party. In addition, no information beyond what is necessary will be collected.

Legal Obligations Compliance to all legal obligations determined by law will be pursued as assessed necessary.

Protection of Personal Information In order to avoid the risk of data leak, loss, corruption, destruction; we provide safe and constant review and revisions of our personal information protection strategies.

Comments, Concerns regarding Personal Information In the event of comments or concerns regarding personal information collected, we will provide immediate accurate assistance.

Personal Information Management System For the protection of personal information, we will be constantly reviewing, updating, and improving our personal information management system.

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