Creative Business

In recent years, there has been an influx in demand of designs tailored to individual clients. When we think of designs, print, web, and media often are the first to come to mind. However, a truly tailored design is one that learn and understands the client, and builds from the concept up; is not limited to a physical item or event location but rather, embodies the philosophy and reflect it into a reality taking up any form deemed truly fit. In addition, we specialize in offering designs only obtainable through our expertise in technical and global affiliations, in conjunction with our wide range of global creators. In the soon to come future, VR/AR implementation in business and contents will become a key practice in which we plan on challenging. We will continue providing the unique optimal “designs” to each of our clients.



Please contact us regarding your current business operations and tasks. (Broad and general ideas are acceptable) Please give us the details when we have a chance to discuss on a later date.



We will begin bring forth suggestions based on our hearing and investigation. Depending on the circumstance, further documents and hearings may be required.


Proposal/Price Estimate

Our suggestions will be summarized into a proposal and reviewed at a presentation. At this step, the framework and concept for the proposal will be identified.



Upon agreement of the proposal and price estimate, a contract will be provided to officially commission the work. Scheduling and time frame will be provided at this time.



We will begin concept and production design in order to materialize the proposal. Depending on the product, we will provide proofs as we progress.



The product will be inspected, and submitted if no problems are found. Depending on the format of the product, (print, web, video) form of submission will vary. Please review form of submission at time of contract.

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