Employment Opportunities

We are currently accepting candidates for the following positions

Infrastructure/Network Engineer
Job Responsibilities Server building, Constructing (Windows/Linux infrastructure, AWS/Windows Azure cloud services) Network Design, programming, testing
Job Requirements
○ Required Skills
  • Enjoys computers and parts. Experience building own Windows, Mac, or Linux System
○ Ideal Candidate
  • Somebody fitting the descriptions below
  • Somebody who has a strong interest in technology
  • Somebody who enjoys using a computer all day
  • Somebody who enjoys machines and replacing components (breakdowns/tune-ups)
Messge By merging existing infrastructure with cloud services, we create a stable infrastructure. No matter what the customer orders, we tackle it as a team. We strive to become a team where everyone helps one another.
Web Development Engineer
Job Responsibilities Programming of server applications. (Java,PHP application development)
Production of work efficiency (AI, RPA)
Job Requirements
○ Required Skills
  • Enjoys programming, history of programming with any form of WEB language
○ Ideal Candidate
  • Somebody fitting the descriptions below
  • Somebody who has a strong interest in technology
  • Somebody who does not find coding all day as a pain
  • Somebody with a strong sense for quality
  • Somebody who holds genuine curiosity for technology
Messge We will be creating applications tailored to our customers needs, and will be able to share in the sense of achievement. We strive to be a team that is new and improved every step of the way as we tackle our customers requests with our creativity
Graphic Designer/ Front-end Engineer
Job Responsibilities Graphic/Web Design Work
Job Requirements
○ Application requirements
  • Please attach portfolio when applying
  • Requirements for all positions
  • Basic use of Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Use of any inDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Graphic Designer
  • Knowledge of printed media (Basic knowledge of data creation, sizing, submission)
  • Front End Engineer
  • Basic knowledge for Web Design
  • HTML5+CSS3, JavaScript (includes jQuery)
○ Welcomed Skills
  • Basic use of Git
  • Basic Knowledge of UI/UX
  • CSS programming using SASS
○ Ideal Candidate
  • Someone honest and hard working.
  • Ability to put others before yourself, contributing for the team as a whole.
  • Willing to challenge into new territory.
Messge Will be working alongside company creative director and art director. We have many medium-long term projects, so we look forward to working with an enthusiastic teammate.

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Hiring Process

1.Form Selection
Upon delivery of application (Resume, Portfolio, Degrees), please allow 7-10 days for review. You will be contacted whatever the results may be.
Applications are accepted via e-mail attachment (e-mail:tns.info@tns.co.jp)

2.First Test
After company introduction, an interview will be held with a department manager.

3.Final Test
A Company officer will interview you.

There will be no written exam or aptitude test. Applicants will be judged by experience and mentality conveyed during the interview.

Insurance Policies

We believe a hospitable environment is a necessity in order to achieve high levels of craftsmanship and services.
We provide welfare in order to be a welcoming place to work for our associates.

Benefits Provided
  • Social Insurance and Employment Insurance Fully provided

  • Transportation fee is  fully covered up to a fixed amount

  • Qualification Support
    (Tuition/costs fully provided)

  • Paid Vacation, Time off on New Years

  • Maternity/ Child care/Nursing Leave

  • Housing Support

  • Medical Check ups

  • 401K

  • Pensions

  • Work from home

  • Congratulatory money
    (Marrige,Giving birth,Entring School by Childeren )

  • Condolence money

  • Shorter working hours
    (In accordance with our work regulations)

*Additions are made accordingly to company expansion.